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4 Reasons to Outsource Logistics

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Businesses around the globe are reevaluating day-to-day activities to cut costs and maximize internal resources. That said, one of the most reviewed functions has been transportation. With fewer internal resources, some companies have begun to evaluate outsourcing the movement of raw materials both inbound to manufacturing sites and outbound to final customers. What does it mean to completely outsource domestic logistics? What are the key benefits?

Four Key Reasons to Outsource Logistics

  1. Simplification – Is logistics one of the most complicated aspects of your business? We have the solution – it’s as simple as letting the experts do it. Outsourcing logistics to the experts has become commonplace across a wide range of industries as it helps companies uncomplicate the logistics of delivering products to end-consumers. Additionally, outsourcing allows companies to solve challenges quickly, reduces internal training curves and enables clients to easily make adjustments regarding vendors and business strategy if needed.
  2. Savings – Leveraging collective buying power through a 3PL allows for the creation of tremendous savings opportunities for small to medium-sized businesses. Outsourcing logistics management to a transparent partner helps instill confidence and the peace of mind that companies are receiving the most competitive rates possible.
  3. Workforce Management – In today’s environment, teams are being asked to contribute more and take on new responsibilities. As most know, effectively managing an entire supply chain isn’t a small task. Outsourcing the management of all transportation and logistics helps clients reduce stress and worry related to shipping, allowing them to focus on their business.  
  4. Process Improvement – When someone is passionate about something and does it day in and day out, they become pretty good at it. That’s where outsourcing can help. By partnering with a 3PL that is committed to the trade and focused on continuous improvements, you can rest assured that every decision is made with care, intelligence and strategy.

The Value Ascent Provides to Clients 

The decision to completely outsource logistics is not easy; however, choosing to partner with a 3PL that has a breadth of capabilities can help catalyze the benefits of outsourcing. Our team focuses on uncomplicating logistics through the power of technology and human intelligence. Our domestic solutions include:

Brokerage – Regardless of the mode, whether it be LTL, Volume, Truckload, Intermodal, Expedite or Specialized, we can step in and help you cover a shipment immediately. With an extensive network and a team of logistics professionals, we can help you arrange a shipment later today or months down the road.

Carrier Negotiations – As your logistics partner, we can help you to reduce your overall transportation spend through proven negotiation strategies. With relationships across the industry, we commonly help clients save time on negotiations and yield larger savings than when clients negotiate on their own.

Freight Audit and Pay – On average, we help clients save between four and eight percent on LTL freight spend. We conduct a 40-point audit on all carrier invoices to ensure that you never pay a penny over what you should. We begin by assigning GL detail and cost center allocations and then provide one consolidated invoice for you to pay.

Management Reporting – We give you access to robust technology and reporting, whether it be common templates utilized across our existing client base or completely customized to your business. We help you establish a review cadence and interpret the insights, which is vital in controlling costs.

Inbound Vendor Management – We help you create business rules and provide a robust vendor portal to tender shipments and generate bills of lading. This system gives you complete visibility and the control to make decisions that are best for your business.

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