How Leveraging a TMS Helps Increase Visibility and Control Costs

How Leveraging a TMS Helps Increase Visibility and Control Costs

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Leveraging technology within supply chain management seems like a logical approach; however, many businesses still manage shipments manually, which can drastically reduce visibility due to the lag time of manual updates and responses from a customer service team. A TMS (Transportation Management System) can save a tremendous amount of time and yield cost savings by providing a holistic view of shipping options.

Save Time and Resources

By working with a reliable logistics partner who offers a TMS, backed by industry professionals who can assist with volume or expedite LTL opportunities, shippers can make proactive improvements to their supply chains. Booking standard shipments using a TMS will save shippers a considerable amount of time and resources, with the opportunity of receiving expert guidance from industry professionals who truly understand their business needs for shipments that need extra attention.

Benefits of Using a TMS

With the use of Ascent’s TMS, shippers can:

  • Connect with and receive negotiated market rates from numerous pre-loaded, vetted regional and national carriers allowing shippers to compare carriers by price
  • Review carrier quotes by transit time and delivery windows in a single system, promoting potential cost savings
  • Book with the carrier directly
  • Create a bill of lading (BOL)
  • Track shipments through final delivery, ensuring visibility and creating peace of mind
  • Maintain visibility to all cargo liability thresholds
  • Retain quotes and shipment information in the system for future planning
  • Use comprehensive density calculation tools to drive accurate and efficient quoting and aid in the selection of NMFC selections
  • Review the customized commodity catalog with accurate NMFC data tailored to their business needs

How We Can Help

At Ascent, our team helps you take control of your freight costs and optimize your carrier selection by using our PEAK technology. Our TMS supplies a comprehensive review of all your transportation quotes instantly, which are available for 60 days. Additionally, Ascent brings value by providing purchasing power to negotiate rates that clients cannot obtain independently.

With over $250M in annual LTL spend, we help shippers attain competitive rates, eliminate time spent on negotiations and, in turn, have time to focus on business strategy. Our network of over 34K carriers and 3,500 contracts managed annually helps us save an average of 8% per contract negotiation for clients.

Who said logistics had to be complicated? We certainly didn’t. Contact our team to learn more about our Domestic solutions.


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