Introducing PEAK View

Introducing PEAK View

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With eCommerce becoming increasingly prevalent in recent years, many consumers have become accustomed to the feeling of instant gratification and the fast delivery of purchased goods. Whether you’re online shopping for shoes from a department store or a leaf blower from a home improvement store, once you receive confirmation your order has been fulfilled, you typically want to know exactly when your package will arrive on your doorstep.

Believe it or not, the same holds true for our importers. Once goods have been produced and the container is loaded, most only want to know when it will arrive at their distribution center doors in the U.S. Although the transit overseas takes slightly longer than a domestic eCommerce shipment, very similar events occur. The goods depart a point and then may transship in another, possibly changing providers (steamship line to rail) until final delivery at the importer’s distribution center – or perhaps their customer’s door.

What is PEAK View?

Our PEAK View application provides users the mechanism to track their ocean import shipment’s progress without the need to track individual containers on a carrier website. Those same updates, and often others, populate our tracking application. Further, we provide a map visual of the main ports and trade lanes associated with the shipment. An email function enables anyone to share the link with a brief message, easily equipping your partners with ready access to the latest and planned events.

What Are the Benefits of PEAK View?

Leveraging our PEAK Technology, users can easily view and access the following functionalities when they view shipment tracking information, including:

  • Time-stamped updates provided by the carrier
  • Planned route legs
  • A map visual detailing the ports and trade lanes
  • The option to share the link via email from the application
  • The ability to add comments and send to multiple parties at once

How Do I Access PEAK View?

First, you’ll want to bookmark this link! PEAK View can be used from your desktop or laptop computer and has mobile-responsive capabilities to support those after-hours inquiries, enabling easy tracking from anywhere. No login required! Grab one of your current shipments and give it a click. And as always, your partners at Ascent Global Logistics are available to assist.

Who says logistics has to be complicated? We certainly didn’t. Contact our team to learn more about our PEAK technology.


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