NMFC Changes Effective December 4, 2021

NMFC Changes Effective December 4, 2021

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Please be advised that the Commodity Classification Standards Board (CCSB) has released a Notice of Disposition outlining the On November 4, 2021, the Commodity Classification Standards Board (CCSB) issued Supplement 4 to NMF 100-AU.  As a result, the National Motor Freight Classification   (NMFC®) class code changes will go into effect on December 4, 2021.

While a few of the changes are noted below, please review the complete list linked above to be aware of all changes and updates.

  • 73227, Foodstuffs, Other than Frozen, Group I, etc. (canceled)
    Refer to items 72310, 73260, 73365 (new) and provisions otherwise applicable
  • 73260 Foodstuffs, Other than Frozen, Group IV, viz (bakery goods NOI, coffee/tea, cookies, crackers, foodstuffs NOI) will now include:
    Sauces or toppings, ice cream or dessert, NOI in other than pressurized containers, including marshmallow crème, nuts (nutmeats) in syrup, or sprinkles and snack foods
  • 73365 (New) Fruits or Vegetables, canned or preserved, NOI her than dehydrated, dried or evaporated.  Note 73366 under 73365:  Also applies on edible beans, with or without other ingredients NOI fruit butter or pulp, jams, jellies, marmalades or preserves NOI, mushrooms other than truffles, olives, pickles NOI, pimientos, tomatoes, including tomato paste, tomato pulp or tomato puree, class 60
  • Three Boxes and Crates items canceled (29800, 29805 and 29810).
    29800 and 29810 Refer to 29785 and 112870.  29805 refers to 29785.
  • 29785, Boxes or Cartons fiberboard or paperboard will now include Boxes or Crates, wooden, NOI, with or without components of other materials.
  • 101720 Ink and Related Materials. Changing from class by packaging (classes 55,70 and 100) to set packaging with classes by density (classes 65 and 85).
  • Four Cabinet items cancelled (29790, 39340, 39455 and 39460).
    Refer to 29900 (new)
  • 29900 (New) Boxes, Chests or Cabinets, tool, ammunition or fishing tackle, NOI. Eleven density-based subs/classes (60 to 400)
  • Four Charcoal/wood items cancelled (42460, 42470,42480, 200070)
    Refer to 42445 (new)
  • 42445 (New) Charcoal, charcoal briquettes or charcoal pellets NOI, not activated and not hazardous.  Two density-based classes (70 and 92.5)

For the most current information available, please visit our NMFC Timeline Guide.

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