What To Do If You Need To Book Last Minute Shipments Before Chinese New Year

What To Do If You Need To Book Last Minute Shipments Before Chinese New Year

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Believe it or not, it is still possible to ship items ahead of Chinese New Year. Starting on February 5, 2019, all manufacturing in and shipping to and from Asian ports will be affected by the celebration of Chinese New Year. Ports in Asia could continue to see delays up to one month after Chinese New Year.

If you have last minute shipments, now is the best time to secure them. Here are some practical tips for minimizing delays and making sure your shipments arrive on time if you are shipping last minute ahead of Chinese New Year.

1. Utilize Air Freight Forwarding

Transporting goods via air freight forwarding will help your goods arrive on time. Traditional air freight has a considerably shorter transit time and is a good option for expediting cargo prior to Chinese New Year.

By utilizing air freight forwarding from Ascent Global Logistics, we can help expedite your cargo so it arrives on time. Please contact our team of air freight forwarding experts if you need to schedule a shipment.

2. Understand That Shipments Will Incur Additional Charges

Unfortunately, cargo that ships this close to Chinese New Year will result in much higher shipping costs than other times of the year. Because shipping offices throughout China shut down for Chinese New Year, the best way to avoid last minute shipments ahead of Chinese New Year is to plan your supply chain activities months in advance.

3. Reach Out For International Shipping Help

The International team at Ascent Global Logistics is here to help you with all your international shipping needs. If you would like to schedule last-minute shipments or begin planning future shipments, please contact us or reach out to your Ascent Global Logistics representative directly.


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