NMFC Changes Effective April 9, 2022

NMFC Changes Effective April 9, 2022

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On March 10, 2022, the Commodity Classification Standards Board (CCSB) issued Supplement 1 to NMF 100-AU. The National Motor Freight Classification® (NMFC®) class code changes will go into effect on April 9, 2022.

While a few of the changes are noted below, please be sure to review the complete list linked above to be aware of all changes and updates:

  • Cookware, 52890, 52895, 52896 and 52900: (canceled) Refer to item 52880 (new).
  • Cookware, 52880: (new) Eleven density freight classes.
  • Sheet or Plate, Plastic NOI, 156300: Was classified based on packaging and united inches; amending to being classified based on greatest dimension and density, 9 subs/classes.
  • Fruits, Meats, Vegetables and Dairy Products, 76850: Density breaks and classes changing. Currently, classes 70, 110 and 200; will be 100, 175 and 250.
  • Explosives, consisting of ammunition, propellants, etc., 64300: Item amended to clarify that explosives moving under this provision must be transported in U.S. DOT authorized packaging.
  • Ink Cartridges, 116030: Will now fall under 101740, Dry Ink or Toner.
  • Dry Ink or Toner, 101740: Currently, straight class 70. Being amended to three density-based classes (77.5, 100, 175).
  • Cables, Mechanical Control, 39510: Class changed from a straight class 70 to 11 density-based freight classes.
  • Door Lites, Sidelites or Transom Lites 34250: (new) Six freight classes based on greatest dim and density.
  • Friction Fabric or Friction Tape, 49450 and Cloth or Tape, Insulating, 49680: (canceled). Refer to 181823 (new).
  • Tape, Friction or Insulating NOI including Electrical Tape, 181823: (new). 11 density-based freight classes.
  • Bags, Apparel, Bedding, Clothing or Garment Storage, 20510: (canceled). Refer to Bags NOI, 20580; 11 density-based freight classes.
  • Kernels, pumpkin seed, cooked, salted or not salted, etc., 73710: (canceled). Refer to 73705 (new).
  • Kernels, Pumpkin Seed, cooked, salted or not salted, etc., 73705: (new)three density-based freight classes.
  • Filters cigarette, with integral plastic holder, disposable, 69083: Class changes from 100 to 200.

For the most current information available, please visit our NMFC Timeline Guide.

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