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About Ascent

We elevate the world of logistics through passion and innovation.

Hybrid Solutions
Our Mission

We want to do more things and provide more solutions for more customers in more places around the globe with lower operating risk and flawless execution.

Hybrid Solutions
Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement

At Ascent Global Logistics, you belong. We strive not only to ensure that all voices within Ascent have a seat at the table but that all seats at the table use their voice. Our full potential is realized when we seek out the diverse experiences and perspectives of our teammates. Our combined efforts allow us to be both human-centric and “customer-obsessed.”

Our Guiding Principles

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> We are obsessed about exceeding our customers’ expectations. > We are consistent in passion and purpose. > We take ownership and follow through. > We maintain focus and discipline. > We lead with the effort and no one plays harder than we do.
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> We don’t fail our customers – we always find a way. > We take calculated risks. > We learn, improve and teach. > We communicate with clarity. > We know the fundamentals. > We innovate and create. > We nail the execution.
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> We put the team’s interests ahead of our own. > Our customers only win when we team up. > We share and celebrate wins. > We provide feedback quickly and honestly. > We strive to earn each other’s trust. > We are bigger, faster and stronger when we are working as a team.

How We Add Value

We are a team of logistics professionals that has a singular focus on building trust with our customers. Our approach to logistics is simple – uncomplicate logistics to deliver unmatched value to our customers. We are fierce advocates for quality and continually work to develop innovative solutions that drive transparency, efficiency, productivity and predictability for our customers. Our ultimate goal is to make your supply chain less complicated so you can focus on what matters most – selling your product.
Improving Outdated Processes
    • Automate manual transportation and logistics procedures
    • Technology that breaks down barriers between siloed teams
    • Refinement of vendor management processes
Sharing Logistics Expertise
    • Brokerage & Managed Transportation solutions that create savings
    • Forwarding solutions that consolidate global supply chains
    • On-Demand solutions that deliver anytime and anywhere
Finding Financial Opportunities
    • Technology and processes to contain logistics costs
    • Outsourced solutions to align with workforce management initiatives
    • Analytics and insights for better cash flow management
Handling the Headaches
    • Up-front work ensures implemented solutions work as designed
    • An entire team on standby to help when needed
    • Technology that simplifies complex supply chain challenges
Brokerage & Managed Transportation

From Brokerage to Managed Transportation, our team will build a custom solution to fit your business strategy and needs.


Our specialization in managing global supply chains, coupled with our expertise in customs relations, ensures that we build the perfect solution for your shipments – anywhere in the world.


Regardless of your challenge or timetable, we are committed to delivering your priority shipments – on time, anywhere in the world.

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