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On-Board Courier: Reliable Hand Carry Service

Get shipments hand delivered across the globe with our On-Board Courier (OBC) service. With a global network of 180+ couriers, our OBC service is a secure and reliable solution for time-critical shipments.

OBC Service: A Go-To for Time-Critical Shipments

Ascent’s On-Board Courier (OBC) service provides customers with a professional courier who hand carry shipments across the globe, ensuring a secure and unbroken chain of custody from pickup to delivery. This service simplifies customs clearance by operating as an airline passenger, removing the complexities of traditional air cargo clearance and ensuring the rapid and smooth delivery of your urgent shipments.


With at least 10 couriers in the air at any given time, our vast network makes the OBC solution a cost-effective, go-to mode for urgent shipping needs.

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On-Board Courier Service Benefits

On-Board Courier Service Benefits

OBC Technology: Source Hand Carry Couriers

Source on-board couriers anywhere in the world through our exclusive PEAK freight marketplace. Supported by our logistics specialists who are accessible around the clock and cutting-edge technology, you’re able to receive quotes in minutes and monitor your shipment’s progress from pickup to delivery in real-time.

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An On-Board Courier (OBC) service, also referred to as hand carry service, involves a person who hand-delivers shipments across commercial airlines, ensuring a secure and reliable chain of custody from pick-up to delivery. They are the unsung heroes of ensuring time-critical shipments get delivered anywhere, at any time. From manufacturing components to medical supplies, on-board couriers are relied upon to transport priority freight worldwide, helping businesses deliver their cargo quickly.

Getting a quote for our OBC service is fast and straightforward. Within just 15 minutes of your request, we’ll provide you with a detailed quote. Additionally, we can dispatch a courier to start your delivery process within 30 minutes. Our goal is to minimize wait time and maximize efficiency for your urgent shipments.

Absolutely! With Ascent’s proprietary PEAK marketplace, tracking your shipment has never been easier. Our platform offers real-time tracking, giving you peace of mind with 24/7 support from our logistics experts. Our team works closely with the courier handling your shipment to ensure it’s delivered safely and on time.

Ascent’s OBC service spans the globe, offering comprehensive solutions for your logistics needs. We’ve compiled a list of some of our most popular routes along with their average shipment times to give you an idea of how we can connect your shipments to their destinations efficiently:


  • LAX to ORD: 8 hours
  • LHR to MEX: 16 hours
  • FRA to JFK: 12 hours
  • PVG to LAX: 24 hours
  • DTW to QRO: 10 hours
  • HAN to ATL: 28 hours
  • GRU to MTY: 17 hours
  • JNB to EWR: 20 hours
  • DXB to DFW: 21 hours

Our OBC service is designed to accommodate a wide range of shipment sizes and types while ensuring full compliance with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations. For hand-carry shipments, we specialize in securely transporting documents, critical parts, medical samples, and other time-sensitive materials that require personal oversight. For larger shipments that cannot be taken on-board but still need the speed and security of an OBC, we offer checked-as-luggage cargo solutions. These items are checked in under our courier’s supervision, ensuring they are handled with the utmost care throughout their journey.

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