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Hybrid Solutions
Choosing a partner as an agent is important. Here’s why you should choose Ascent.

The power of our Agent Network will take your Agent Partnership to new heights! When it comes to agent partnerships, we are here to serve you! Ascent has a large logistics company’s buying power – however, we are all about personalized service, offering the kind of culture that helps you shape your business. Ascent has a team of dedicated professionals and robust technology, connecting agents to our network, driving exponential earning potential to our agent partners’ bottom lines.


Hybrid Solutions


Actively give feedback and help shape the strategy and future of the company through the Ascent Agent Advisory Council.

Hybrid Solutions
Support Teams


Receive support from industry professionals with an average of 15 years of experience in Carrier Setup, Operations, Pricing, Claims, Billing and Auditing.

Hybrid Solutions
Earn More


Join the team that generates more than $6M in new agent business annually via Ascent’s dedicated sales executives.

Hybrid Solutions
Sell More


Ascent helps you grow your business. All modes, all origins, all destinations – we’ve got you covered.

Hybrid Solutions


User-friendly, real-time dashboard instantly provides complete visibility and reporting capabilities for all your customer, carrier, and performance data.

Hybrid Solutions


Over 40K carrier network with new carriers added every day.

Annual Revenue
Agent Offices


Transportation Technology for Agents
Our technology is a cutting-edge, user-friendly platform that helps our agents drive systematic efficiencies, with powerful reporting capabilities that have real-time access to all your customer, carrier and performance data.
    • Easy-to-use interface with customizable dashboards
    • Integrated rating tools by lane for every load
    • Real-time visibility to customer credit, as well as new and additional credit requests
    • Faster payment due to elimination of traditional paperwork processes
      Robust reporting
    • Data-driven business insights
    • API and EDI compatible
    • Initiate and monitor claims
    • Order creation – built-in tools such as quick quoting, building freight manifests, cloning loads
    • Complete control and visibility of shipments and capacity
    • Track and trace
    • Documentation upload and approval
    • Real-time notifications

Agent Network eBook

Check out our eBook to help you learn more about our agent partnership program.

Agent Network eBook

Check out our eBook to help you learn more about our agent partnership program.
Read What Other Agents Have to Say About Partnering With Ascent
I was going through a tough transition from corporate over to my personal career to move into more of an entrepreneur spirit. After interviewing a lot of agencies, I ran into Ascent, and it was just their culture really that drove me to be here, how open they are to listen to what an agent has to say. It really cultivated this emotion with me; over time, with every response that they gave me, it just made me feel like I was at home.
Juan Martinez, Agent
As an agent for Ascent, it brought me the benefits of networking with 30,000 carriers, the ability to cover a load at any time and find capacity anywhere. Ascent’s back office has been wonderful, from helping us set up customers, clearing carriers, payables, claims – you name it – we call, email, text even and get in touch with anyone at any time.
Korey Barbetta
I would recommend partnering with Ascent – you can always test the market and what’s out there, but I honestly would say the sincerity and the helpfulness and knowledge of the people that are in the back office that help you – you’re not just an item out there. They support you. They help you. They work with you – you’re not by yourself. That’s a huge thing. Especially when you’re an outside agent, you feel like you’re left out of the game. You never feel that way with Ascent.
Dave Demuth

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