3 Reasons to Become An Ascent Global Logistics Independent Sales Agent

3 Reasons to Become An Ascent Global Logistics Independent Sales Agent

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At Ascent, we are a team of logistics professionals that has a singular focus on building trust with our clients. Our approach to logistics is simple – uncomplicate logistics to deliver unmatched value to our clients through our Domestic, International and On-Demand solutions. To carry out this mission, we are continuing our search for the best and brightest to join our team as Independent Sales Agents.

Why Should You Become an Ascent Independent Sales Agent?

When you become an Ascent Independent Sales Agent, you have the opportunity to serve clients of all shapes and sizes with needs ranging from simple to complex, offering you flexibility in your work and how you support your clients. Our comprehensive portfolio of solutions allows you to build tailored logistics solutions to meet each client’s exact needs.

1. Professional Positioning

Independent Sales Agents for Ascent have access to a comprehensive suite of logistics solutions, including Domestic, International and On-Demand. An extensive portfolio of carrier options allows the client to maintain relationships with favored carriers or diversify their carrier network if needed. In addition to flexibility in carrier selections, our knowledgeable and engaged front-line operations and management teams help guide clients to make intelligent logistics decisions.

Ascent also provides state-of-the-art technology tools to empower clients to create shipments, manage carrier scorecards, increase supply chain visibility and monitor shipping trends. We provide our Independent Sales Agents with continuous training opportunities,t support and guidance. An unlimited earning potential allows our sales agents to control their goal settings and earnings.

2. Solution Focused

Ascent provides a full suite of transportation solutions to meet clients’ needs. Sales Agents are trained to be fluent in all three segments: Domestic, International, and On-Demand and become a transportation specialist to help clients reach new heights of logistics excellence.

Our Domestic solutions provide clients with the power to control as much of their freight program as they desire. With our wide range of domestic service offerings, we build customized solutions based on each client’s needs.

Our International team builds the perfect solution for our clients’ shipments – anywhere in the world. With in-depth knowledge of customs regulations, we can ensure that our clients’ global supply chains are managed with compliance and efficiency in mind.

Our On-Demand solutions ensure that our clients’ product delivers anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. With our proprietary bid-board, our team can help clients instantaneously evaluate your shipping options, providing you peace of mind and the best solution for your organization.

3. Flexibility

Gone are the days where individuals are confined to a desk from nine to five, as Ascent Sales gents can create their work schedules, work remotely and are given complete control and oversight of their business.

How to Take the Next Step

Whether you’re looking for professional flexibility, limitless financial caps or a new occupational opportunity to discover, at Ascent, you will always be a valued member of our team.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re ready to take your career to new heights, contact our team to learn more about becoming an Independent Sales Agent for Ascent.


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