3 Reasons Why You Need A Reliable Transportation Solutions Partner

3 Reasons Why You Need A Reliable Transportation Solutions Partner

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With capacity shortages and increased demand, now is the time to rethink your supply chain. Even if you think you can manage everything by yourself, it still pays to have a trusted logistics partner. Here are three signs that it is time to rethink your supply chain and use a transportation solutions partner:

1. You need help finding the right carrier for your shipments:

When your time and resources are limited, you might not be able to find every single cost saving measure within your supply chain. Fortunately, Ascent Global Logistics can offer carrier optimization, carrier negotiations and expert solutions to help you simplify the process. Our team will look for the root cause of all your carrier rate inefficiencies through helping you achieve leveraged buying power, improved relationships with national and regional carriers and experienced transportation negotiations.

2. You are looking to improve business intelligence but do not know where to start:

Our team understands that your supply chain can be very complex. Because of that, Ascent Global Logistics offers business intelligence tools to help you make informed, data-driven decisions for your business. Our technology is easy to use and can be implemented across all areas of your organization for further cost savings. Ultimately, it allows you to examine key data points to make the best possible shipping decisions, allowing you greater visibility and control.

3. You need help validating your freight bills:

Processing all your freight bills and making sure that carriers’ invoicing matched the quote or contract can be a very difficult task. Luckily, with Freight Audit & Payment Solutions, Ascent Global Logistics can perform in-depth reviews of your freight bills. During our analysis, our team can recapture information for carrier invoices, bills of lading and delivery receipts within our technology platform to provide easy-to-read reports and invoices. We work with carriers to ensure that you are getting the most accurate information.

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