4 Ways to Handle an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) Situation

4 Ways to Handle an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) Situation

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In aerospace logistics, time is of the essence. Every second counts when it comes to keeping aircraft in the sky and operations running smoothly. However, even the most meticulously maintained aircraft can face unexpected issues that ground them temporarily. When an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situation arises, swift and efficient action is essential to minimize downtime and disruption to schedules.

Drawing from the expertise of our own airline, USA Jet, our logistics experts understand the complexities of handling sensitive, high-value aerospace goods. That’s why we’re sharing four effective strategies to navigate through AOG scenarios and get aircraft back in the air without delay.

1. Utilize a rapid response team

When faced with an Aircraft on Ground situation, having a dedicated rapid response team can make all the difference. This team should consist of experienced professionals who are well-versed in AOG shipping and equipped to handle urgent situations with precision. A flexible, consistent team can quickly evaluate the situation, identify solutions and execute on them to reduce downtime and impact on operations.

An example of rapid response in action, Ascent recently handled an urgent cross-border AOG charter for a major North American airline, delivering vital freight to Vancouver. Within 60 minutes, our team dispatched our USA Jet MD-88 freighter to retrieve the time-critical freight. At the same time, we coordinated with port authorities, customs organizations and ground personnel to speedily restore their aircraft to service. In challenging situations like these, having a team ready to jump in is ideal for successfully getting aircraft back up and running.

2. Build strategic supplier partnerships

Having solid partnerships with suppliers is an advantage when it comes to minimizing disruptions caused by Aircraft on Ground scenarios. Collaborating closely with trusted suppliers expedites the procurement and delivery of aerospace parts, significantly cutting the time it takes to address maintenance issues.

For instance, let’s say an airline faces an AOG situation due to an engine issue. By having a reliable connection with an engine part supplier, the airline can work with them to quickly acquire the components needed to return the aircraft to operation.

At Ascent, we’ve built strong relationships with our customers globally, enabling us to quickly deliver goods from their suppliers to resolve AOG issues efficiently. Leveraging our vast network of trusted carriers worldwide, we guarantee time-critical support from suppliers to the destination, delivering precisely when it’s needed. Additionally, our proprietary PEAK™ technology brings our customers and their suppliers together into one platform, making booking transportation even easier.

3. Secure on-demand transportation

In the face of an unexpected Aircraft on Ground situation, having access to an on-demand transportation partner is extremely valuable. Whether it’s transporting spare parts, engines or tools, aerospace providers rely on expedited transportation to ensure prompt delivery to the maintenance location. This enables timely resolution of AOG situation and lessens the impact on tight schedules.

We offer a range of time-critical logistics services tailored specifically for AOG shipping, including air charter, ground expedite, on-board courier and heavyweight air freight. When customers seek on-demand service, we move their high-priority, specialized cargo as fast as possible with precision and reliability.

4. Maintain proactive communication

Communication is key to successfully managing AOG shipping. Keeping all stakeholders informed and updated throughout the process helps maintain transparency and quick decision-making. Clear communication channels and real-time updates on the situation’s status instill confidence among stakeholders and encourage problem-solving efforts.

Through our proprietary PEAK™ technology, we offer real-time tracking, monitoring and communication, so shippers have complete visibility into the status of their aerospace cargo. Our commitment to 24/7/365 dedicated support ensures that our customers receive the highest level of service and assistance whenever they need it. Whether it’s during regular business hours or in the dead of night, we’re always on standby to ensure the safe and secure delivery of top-priority shipments, every step of the way.

Soaring with Ascent: Your trusted partner for handling Aircraft on Ground

Aircraft on Ground scenarios can occur unexpectedly in the aerospace industry, but companies can manage them smoothly by implementing the right strategies and partnering with the right providers.

With over 40 years of expertise in time-critical logistics, Ascent specializes in seamless line-stop support for aerospace parts and AOG situations. We connect shippers like OEMs, MROs and part suppliers to a global network of top-tier carriers at best-in-market rate, helping aerospace customers navigate through turbulence and keep their operations soaring.

Looking for a reliable, time-critical partner to call during unexpected disruptions? Visit our aerospace logistics solution page to learn how we can streamline your supply chain today.


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