Make Sure You Bundle Up (Your LTL and TL Shipments) This Winter!

Make Sure You Bundle Up (Your LTL and TL Shipments) This Winter!

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Are you managing shipments with multiple carriers or 3PLs? Do you crave the simplicity of shipping through just one company? Processing shipments through different providers can be a headache. Each carrier or 3PL operates slightly differently, making your internal processes and controls a moving target. That’s just from booking to delivery. Post-shipment processing can be daunting when managing invoices, assigning GL codes and complying with payment terms. 

Ascent can help you simplify your shipping process while offering you an incentive for doing so! Our Domestic team has developed a new bundling program for clients that ship via multiple modes. This program encourages shippers to utilize Ascent’s Less-than-Truckload (LTL) and Truckload (TL) services by offering a quarterly allowance based on committed business and volume level.

The more Ascent services utilized, the bigger the return to the client at the end of the quarter.

Benefits of Bundling

If you are a shipper, you may already know that bundling lower volume lanes could lead to bigger savings in transportation costs.
When you bundle, you:

  • Make lanes more attractive to serve
  • Increase the density of your lanes
  • Optimize your entire carrier network

Our Team

Our team of experts have years of industry knowledge. Our in-house routing center focuses on negotiating the best rates and routes on your behalf. We partner with carriers that are safe and reliable to ensure your shipment reaches its destination on-time and intact. 

Our Technology

Track your shipments 24/7 via PEAK™ . Compare costs and service levels, create bills of lading and communicate with your carriers and team easily. You can also access our Freight Audit and Pay solutions to put yourself in the driver’s seat of your supply chain management. 

Contact us today to learn more about our new Domestic Bundle Program.


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