Hand-Carry vs Air Charter: When to Choose On-Board Courier (OBC)

Hand-Carry vs Air Charter: When to Choose On-Board Courier (OBC)

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When shipping a time-sensitive package, air charter is often considered as the fastest mode available. While this might be the conventional go-to method, an on-board courier (OBC) can provide a service that is not only speedy and secure, but also more cost-effective. 

OBC offers a personalized approach to shipping, with a dedicated courier hand-delivering your cargo every step of the way. This hands-on approach ensures immediate response and constant oversight of your cargo. With access to many commercial airline flights, OBC lets you take advantage of flexible routes and swift transit times. 

While both services provide an expedited shipping solution, we’re breaking down the reasons why you might consider choosing OBC over air charter for your next time-critical shipment. 

Why can OBC be the right choice versus air charter? 

More cost-effective than chartering a plane. 

Air charter services can often lead to substantial expenses, costing tens of thousands of dollars for a single trip. In contrast, an OBC solution is a fraction of the cost since you’re not reserving the use of an entire aircraft.  

Depending on the size of your shipment, an on-board courier will hand-carry or check the shipment as baggage onto a commercial flight and personally deliver it upon arrival at the destination. The courier prioritizes your shipment as if it were their own luggage, meaning you’re only paying for the courier fees and airline costs, bypassing the additional expenses associated with shipping cargo via airfreight solutions.  

With OBC, you’re able to book time-critical shipments with the same level of on-demand service as air charter, just without the hefty price tag that comes with it. 

Premium-level service, guaranteed. 

Booking an on-board courier is a swift and seamless process. Unlike waiting for a “next flight out” airfreight, where availability can be uncertain, OBC service ensures priority for your cargo. Our couriers also streamline customs clearance as airline passengers, eliminating the need for traditional air cargo clearance, ensuring hassle-free delivery of your urgent shipments. 

When you have a time-critical need, OBC allows you to tap into a network of couriers that are readily available to accompany your shipment at a moment’s notice. From pickup to liftoff, landing and final delivery, a courier will hand-carry your cargo, providing a premium-level service that meets your deadline.  

Personalized touch, so you can pivot. 

With a dedicated person managing your shipment through OBC, you may have the flexibility to pivot as needed. Couriers are adaptable enough to make real-time adjustments to secure the fastest and most efficient delivery route.  

For example, if you need your cargo redirected from its original destination at Point B to Point C, on-board couriers have the flexibility to change course if they have not yet boarded the commercial plane. This provides the adaptability you need if disruptions or unforeseen circumstances occur, especially in time-critical situations. 

A flexible option for sensitive or uniquely-sized packages. 

Whether it’s a small item or a multi-piece shipment, OBC delivers a tailored solution with top-tier security and trusted service. From legal documents to high-value prototypes, you’ll know that your cargo is in capable hands – literally – and never out of sight.  

On-board couriers have the versatility and personalized attention needed to handle unique protocols, such as specialized packaging requirements or delicate handling for sensitive items.  

For instance, imagine you need to ship a highly confidential document overseas within hours and it involves meticulous handling requirements. You may hesitate to book an entire air charter for such a small-sized document.  

However, if you utilize an available on-board courier, they can hand-carry the document to its destination with the utmost care, ensuring it arrives safe and sound. 

Get time-critical service with Ascent’s OBC solution  

Ascent’s OBC service is designed to meet the demands of time-critical shipments, such as vital medical supplies, urgent machinery parts and confidential documents. With over 180 global couriers accessible in real-time and a support team of logistics experts available 24/7, we ensure that your cargo will be hand-delivered with precision and care. 

Visit our page here to learn more about Ascent’s On-Board Courier solution. 


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