How Investing in a Relationship with Your 3PL Partner Can Strengthen Your Supply Chain

How Investing in a Relationship with Your 3PL Partner Can Strengthen Your Supply Chain

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Relationships are everything in the transportation industry. Logistics agreements are made to transfer goods from one party to another and as a result, relationships are formed. Whether moving a refrigerator to a new home, an automobile part to a factory, or a gift to a loved one, shipments create opportunities for a back-and-forth exchange that builds trust and strengthens connections. 

As businesses navigate the ever-changing logistics market, aligning with the right third-party logistics (3PL) partner committed to building a strong relationship is crucial for success. By investing in a partnership with a 3PL that understands your unique logistics needs, you can ensure that your supply chain runs smoothly, even during market shifts and unexpected challenges. Backed by an expert team with industry knowledge and a reliable carrier network, you can pivot quickly and make insightful decisions to get your shipment where it needs to be, using the best solutions available.  

Your logistics provider’s personal touch, passion and dedication make all the difference in creating an exceptional customer experience and strengthening the connection of your supply chain network. In turn, this partnership provides the peace of mind that allows you to focus on your core business initiatives and growth goals. 

People and technology – it’s that simple 

While supply chain technology is an essential tool for streamlining logistics and keeping up with the fast-paced market, it’s the people who keep the wheels turning. Digital resources can help connect you with carriers, track shipments and gather analytics, which is critical for maintaining a well-oiled supply chain. However, while integrated technology is undoubtedly a beneficial component of any logistics strategy, it’s not the only tool to support smooth operations. 

Ensuring a positive experience – for your business andyour customers – requires technology and people working in tandem. With the right people on your 3PL team, you can ensure that your logistics solution remains top-notch despite any supply chain hiccups. By cultivating a strong relationship with a 3PL who understands your unique shipping characteristics, carriers, commodities and requirements, your business is prepared for any disruptions. In addition, a dedicated and experienced team can provide benefits that technology simply can’t, like personalized service, proactive communication and tailored flexibility with every shipment. Having a relationship with your 3PL is like having a team of experts as an extension of your business.

Strong relationships and better decision-making go hand-in-hand 

When it comes to transporting your shipments, making intelligent decisions is key. That’s why building a great relationship with your 3PL can give you an advantage in finding a logistics solution unique to how you want to buy in the marketplace. With so many 3PLs out there, it’s crucial to align with a provider with significant market insight that provides value beyond simply moving shipments at a low cost.  By analyzing the best mode and method for your shipment, the right partner can help meet your strategic initiative and get your freight where it needs to go quickly and efficiently. 

Remember, the performance of your 3PL is measured not only by getting your shipment across the finish line but by representing your business as resourceful and reliable. Your 3PL is the front line of shipment that connects you with business partners and customers, which then connects to their own customers, creating a domino effect.  Ultimately, the success of your supply chain reflects the success of your business, your customers, their customers and so forth. 

At Ascent, relationships are our specialty 

The transportation industry was founded on relationships and will continue to build on that. That’s why at Ascent, we’re passionate about building strong relationships with our customers. Our biggest asset and investment has been – and will continue to be – our people. We take the time to understand your unique logistics needs and provide personalized service and customized solutions, no matter the size of your business. 

In addition to our On-Demand and Forwarding solutions, we’re expanding our ability to meet customer demand with a new and improved model for our Brokerage and Managed Transportation solution. Combined with our proprietary technology, our team of specialized account managers is ready to deliver an exceptional transportation experience, unlike other 3PLs in the market.

We care about your business because, frankly, we care about ours – and that’s the beauty of a relationship. Let’s build a stronger partnership together. Contact our team today.


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