How PEAK Technology Removes Friction Between Buyers and Sellers

How PEAK Technology Removes Friction Between Buyers and Sellers


Each year, importers place millions of purchase orders with overseas suppliers. With little to no visibility, collaboration, or transparency in place, importers spend countless hours each week manually managing their purchase orders. Sound familiar? Here’s how our PEAK technology can help you with these common challenges.

Have you ever sent a purchase order to a supplier only to wait a week or more to receive any form of acknowledgment or confirmation? Do you find yourself sending multiple emails to your suppliers requesting information? Once you received a response, how confident were you in the manual process or the supplier’s ability to manage the PO with precision?

How It Works Today

One of the biggest challenges importers face today is remembering to follow up with suppliers. Despite the digital transformation over the past decade, many importers continue to use rudimentary tools to manage their orders and often struggle with: 

  • Order acknowledgment
  • Order confirmation
  • Supplier communication
  • Order discrepancy resolution
  • Time-consuming order requirements
  • Inefficient order processes

If you’re still using antiquated tools to manage your purchase orders, you’re likely sending and receiving tens of thousands of emails each year. Isn’t there a better way?

How PEAK Technology Eliminates Manual Processes and Email Overload

Ascent helps importers through the optimal combination of human intelligence and state-of-the-art technology. PEAK, a SAAS based, all-inclusive global supply chain management solution, was designed to ensure importers and networks always have a single version of the truth.

Benefits of PEAK Technology

  • Inventory optimization
  • Lead time stabilization
  • Cost reductions
  • Improved revenue, predictability and efficiency

With PEAK technology, manual processes, Excel spreadsheets and sending thousands of emails are a thing of the past. Contact our team to learn more about PEAK.


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