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How to Simplify Your Truckload Strategies

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Are you tired of managing your truckload business through a complex Request for Proposal (RFP) process? As many know, RFPs take a tremendous amount of time and are commonly a headache for transportation department leaders. So, how can the process be simplified? Our experts have compiled five key tips to help shippers simplify and strategize their truckload business through technology.

If you’re attempting to manage truckload RFPs via Outlook or Excel, know that there’s a better way. Technology has helped the transportation industry automate outdated processes, and truckload bid management is no exception.

With available training for providers and pre-vetted carriers and brokers, the technology makes for a more streamlined bid-to-award process. Partnering with a logistics provider specializing in technology designed for truckload shipment management gives your business a competitive advantage and simplifies your business strategy.

Here’s how technology can help simplify truckload strategies:

1. Reduces Time Spent Requesting Quotes 

Gone are the days of managing quotes via email and Excel. By entering shipment details just once, you can send a request to all approved carriers electronically with a single click of the mouse. It’s that simple.

2. Allows Quick Cost Comparison of Multiple Bids

Sending requests with one click is powerful, but the real-time savings lie within the consolidation of all carrier responses. The technology automatically compiles the various bids into a clean table, allowing the shipper to quickly scan and compare costs on one consolidated screen.

3. Enables Award Decisions Based on Price, Quality and Timing

When viewing the consolidated carrier bid responses, users can also easily see the carrier’s scorecard performance, including on-time service percentage and overall communication metrics.

4. Empowers Clients to Easily Award Business

Once the shipper has reviewed the bids, click one button to award the shipment to a carrier. Since the carrier is already setup, there is no additional work necessary to get the shipment moving.

5. Simplifies Tracking and Reporting

Consolidating all truckload management into one system also helps shippers easily track active shipments. It also gives shippers easy access to past shipment reporting.

With the right tools and a reliable logistics partner, it’s easy to refine your truckload business strategy. Who says logistics has to be complicated? We certainly didn’t. Contact our team to learn more.


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