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Introducing PEAK Essentials

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There is nothing more vital than up-to-the-minute visibility and transparency of shipment tracking and communication with providers in today’s global logistics climate. Ascent is excited to announce the launch of our latest robust tracking platform, PEAK Essentials, which affords our customers easy access to their international shipment information.

The Benefit of PEAK Essentials

While we already ensure our customers’ success through the care and expertise of our outstanding operations team, Ascent now offers our innovative PEAK Essentials interface to elevate our customers’ logistics game.

By signing up for PEAK Essentials, users can:

  • View live data from Ascent’s operating system, providing complete transparency to the status of a shipment
  • Customize their own dashboard and widgets to ensure they see the information that is relevant to them
  • View and bookmark shipments based on different destinations or milestone events, including pre-transit, recently cleared, etc.
  • Access the centralized communications tool with email interface
  • Generate one-time or scheduled custom reports, providing the flexibility to choose the information, timing and format relevant to them
  • Retrieve all shipment documents instantly
  • Access the PEAK View tool from within the dashboard

Are you interested in learning more about PEAK Essentials? Contact us today to arrange a demo of PEAK Essentials, or visit our website,, to learn more about our international service offerings.

Elevate your logistics game with Ascent!


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