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Refrigerated Cargo Diverted From Chinese Ports


As the coronavirus outbreak worsens, global supply chains have begun to suffer the effects of the fallout. Due to the delays in inland truck transport caused by coronavirus restrictions, many refrigerated containers (reefers) filled with perishable cargo for the Chinese population are unable to connect to power via reefer plugs at terminals while waiting to be picked up by a truck.

At many of China’s top ports in Shanghai, Ningbo and Tianjin/Xingang, capacity for reefer plugs is full. Many container lines are initiating surcharges for reefers transporting cargo to affected Chinese ports. It is possible that reefer containers may be discharged at alternate ports without notice and will only be shipped to their final destinations in China once the shortage of reefer plugs comes to an end.

As can be expected, delays are imminent while ports wait to be able to receive reefer cargo again. Additionally, because consumer goods headed to the U.S. from China have slowed, there is a shortage of ship space and containers hauling perishables to China.

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