"Sea" The Difference In Your Import Activities

“Sea” The Difference In Your Import Activities


With several proposed tariff lists that are slated to go into effect, now is the time to start thinking about gaining visibility and improving efficiency within your supply chain.

If you are an importer, here is what that would look like.

Where Can I Go To Improve Visibility And Efficiency?

Ascent Global Logistics can help you improve visibility and efficiency throughout the entire import process. With the power of our Order Management solution, our team of import and export experts can provide you with access to insightful and actionable supply chain data to empower intelligent shipping decisions.

By combining outstanding customer service with best-in-class technology solutions, our team can help you simplify your import process.

What Are Some New Features With Order Management?

Import activities we can assist with include the following:

  1. Departure from origin
  2. Date and time of port arrival
  3. Customs clearance
  4. Departure from the port or railhead

In addition, our Order Management solution provides business intelligence tools to make smarter business decisions through actionable data. Our team, empowered by our technology, will proactively monitor your supply chain to uncover areas of opportunity such as reduction in costs.

What Are Key Pieces Of Documentation That I Can Track?

Some of the key documents you can leverage throughout the import process include:

  1. Commercial invoices
  2. Packing lists
  3. Importer security filings
  4. OGA documents

To ensure document compliance, our team confirms that all important documents, such as commercial invoices and packing lists, match each inbound shipment. Since all aspects of your shipments are stored within our technology, communication is centralized for quick reference by anyone on your team. As a result, shipments move seamlessly to the final destination.

How Can I Reach Out To The Order Management Team At Ascent?

Please contact our team of Order Management experts or reach out to your Ascent Global Logistics representative directly. We would be happy to provide you with additional information regarding our Order Management solution.

Your Global Supply Chain. Simplified.


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