How Switching From Excel To A Robust Technology Suite Can Save You Money!

How Switching From Excel To A Robust Technology Suite Can Save You Money!

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At Ascent Global Logistics, we are constantly looking for ways to help our customers become leading importers. With that being said, we understand that many importers still use traditional Excel files to manage and track all of their purchase orders. While Excel is still the most used method for managing import shipments, it lacks the ability to provide true supply chain insight. Companies are spending time, money and energy on a program where they don’t have to.

See What It Would Be Like To Save Time And Money:

What is it worth to reduce product lead time?

Are you ordering too much inventory? Not enough? How do you know? On average, purchase orders have a 90 day lead time from creation to delivery. But do you really need 90 days? What is it worth if you could remove days from your supply chain?

  • A large auto parts importer reported it cost roughly $1 million each day their product is not on store shelves
  • Removing just 1 week would equate to a $7 million savings

Are you able to implement economic order quantities (EOQ)?

Having the tools to determine EOQ will help you determine the ideal order quantity you should purchase for your inventory given a set cost of production, demand rate and other variables.

  • Importers reported over ordering on average 12-15% due to lack of order management solutions

Fortunately, there is a way to take control of your supply chain and reduce time, money and energy used to manage your shipments! With the power of PEAK, you can easily take control of your shipments. Our robust and easy-to-use system that will help keep your shipments organized, all while reducing costs due to delays.


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