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PEAK Freight Marketplace

Execute your time-critical shipments with Ascent's proprietary digital freight marketplace, PEAK. Source premium, multimodal carriers at best-in-market rates for all of your shipment types.

Grow your business with freight technology

Ascent’s proprietary PEAK marketplace connects shippers to a network of 1,000+ premium providers, anywhere in the world. The platform provides tracking KPIs and complete transparency and visibility into auditing, invoicing and payments for each trip. PEAK also fully integrates into different IT systems and is used by many Fortune 500 companies and leading 3PLs.

Coverage assurance for multimodal options

#1 air charter network in North America backed by our asset-base airline to manage time-critical shipments and afford minimal disruption to customers’ operations.

North American coverage and cross-border solutions offer total capacity coverage and cost-competitive market rates from premium carriers. Guaranteed capacity delivered in under 20 minutes.

OBC network to hand-deliver shipments across the globe, ensuring a secure and unbroken chain of custody from pickup to delivery.
Focusing on flexibility and operational excellence, our deep network makes airfreight the go-to solution for reliable and efficient forwarding services.
Flexibility and agility for truckload and specialized equipment across North America, supported by a vast network of premium partners for cost-effective rates.

Assets to make sure you are always covered

Ascent offers flexible solutions with company-owned aircraft and ground transportation.

Benefits of partnering with Ascent

We're not your run-of-the-mill 3PL. Here's why we're unique.


Top supplier World Excellence Award

– Ford Motor Company


Supplier of the Year Award

– General Motors


Awarded ‘Achieving Excellence’ Partner

– John Deere

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