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PEAK Connect Shipment allows you to create shipments in PEAK programmatically, whether you need to generate bills of lading or want to pre-populate shipment details for order fulfillment.

Resource URL

QA: http(s)://
Production: http(s)://

Property Name Required Format Definition
companyNumber Y Company identifier supplied by Ascent
pickupDate Y YYYY-MM-DD Earliest date the shipment is available for pickup
shipmentType Y 1 character 0 == outbound, I == inbound, P == third-party
bolNumber N 10 characters maximum P == pre-paid, C == collect
dockOpenTime N Earliest time the shipment can be picked up on the pickupDate
dockCloseTime N Latest time the shipment can be picked up on the pickupDate
specialInstructions N 255 characters maximum Any notes related to the shipment. This will appear on the BOL document
stops Y Collection of stop details See below for the stop details. There must be 3 stops for eah shipment – a Pickup, a Delivery and a Bill To
items Y Collection of items See below for item details
references N A collection of strings This can be used for any customer references needed, eg: PO Numbers
accessorials N A collection of string providing accessorial codes See below for the list of accepted accessorial codes
Stop Details
Property Name Required Format Definition
type Y Supported types: “Pickup”, “Drop”, “Bill To”
address Y an address detail See below for address details
Address Details
Property Name Required Format Definition
name Y Address name for the address
line1 Y Street address line 1 for the address
line2 Y Street address line 2 for the address
city N City name for the address
state Y 2 characters State/province code for the address
postalCode Y 5 digit US Zip Code or 6 character Canadian postal code Postal code for the address
contacts Y A collection of contact details See below for contact details
Contact Details
Property Name Required Format Definition
name Y Contact name
phone Y 10 digit phone number Contact phone number with area code – no extention
email Y valid email address Contact email address
Item Details
Property Name Required Format Definition
description Y 80 character maximum
length Y digits only
width Y digits only
height Y digits only
pieces Y digits only
nmfcClass Y NMFC Class
nmfcItemNumber N NMFC Item Code
hazardousMaterial Y 1 character Allowed values: “Y”, “N”
Accessorial Codes
Accessorial Code Definition
ADD Additional Charge
AFF Additional after fuel charge
ALCH Contains Alcohol
APPT Appointment Charge
ARN Arrival Notice
BLND Blind Shipment
BXNG Border Crossing Fee
CODP COD Prepaid
CODC COD Collect
CONS Construction Site Fee
CRBL Corrected BOL Fee
CSAD Customs Admin Fee
DICE Contains Dry Ice
DTNT Detention Fee
FRKL Forklift Service
FRZR Freezer Protection
FUEL Fuel Surcharge
GTED Guaranteed Service
HAZM Haz Mat Fee
IAC Inspection of Shipment
INSD Inside Delivery
INSP Inside Pickup
INSU Insurance
LACD Limited Access Delivery
LACP Limited Access Pickup
LFGD Liftgate Destination
MARK Marking and Tagging
NOTF Notify
OVRD Over-Dimensional Freight
PRIO Priority Shipment
RECN ReConsignment Fee
REDV Redelivery Fee
RESD Residential Delivery
RESP Residential Pick Up
SIGN Delivery Signature
LACP Limited Access Pickup
SRTS Sort and Segregate
SSHP Single Shipment
STOP Stop Off
STOR Storage
TRSD Trade Show Delivery
TRSP Trade Show Pickup
UNLD Unloading Fee
WTI Weight and Inspection
WTV Weight Verification Fee
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