ALSC Panel Recap: Steering Automotive Logistics through Collaboration

ALSC Panel Recap: Steering Automotive Logistics through Collaboration

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At the recent Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain (ALSC) Europe conference, Mauro Rodrigo González, Ascent’s President and Chief Commercial Officer, had the opportunity to join an on-stage panel to share insights into the opportunities and challenges of automotive logistics, particularly concerning Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

The panel discussed how supply chain leaders can navigate disruptions amidst increasing demands within the rapidly transforming automotive value chain. From adopting collaboration to leveraging data, Mauro shed light on effective strategies for combating disruptions and maintaining a smooth supply chain for OEMs.

We’re highlighting some of the key questions Mauro covered on the panel.

What data insights can 3PLs and automotive logistics providers offer to aid decision-making for OEMs?

For OEMs, accessing comprehensive data insights beyond basic inventory and production information is crucial. Logistics providers can gather performance analytics and predictive modeling to optimize supply chain operations, alongside value-added services like real-time tracking and supplier communication to enhance logistics efficiency and address delays or disruptions promptly.

At Ascent, our technology-enabled team excels in gathering ecosystem information from our transportation and business partners, supporting our customers with agile and efficient logistics solutions. Through continuous oversight and communication, we anticipate trends and potential disruptions proactively, offering alternative solutions to prevent line shutdowns during strikes or border issues like those at the Red Sea or the recent failure of customs equipment that shuttered trade across the Mexico border.

How can we prevent disruption in automotive logistics?

Preventing disruptions requires a multifaceted approach. While technology greatly enhances today’s logistics, fostering cooperation among various stakeholders is essential. This involves collaboration between automotive logistics providers and manufacturers, as well as integrating diverse departments within organizations.

We collect detailed information from shippers to centralize freight services and understand their supply chain goals, enabling our team to offer personalized recommendations based on specific needs. For instance, if an automotive manufacturer faces delays in component delivery due to supply chain issues, we use our data to propose cost-effective solutions, like alternative shipping routes or adjusted delivery schedules, to minimize production impact. Ascent acts as a bridge between OEMs and suppliers, identifying opportunities to save costs and providing collaborative solutions to streamline operations and ensure smooth functioning behind the scenes.

This illustrates why the human element remains critical; integrating people into the process alongside data-driven insights is vital for success. While volatility may continue in the industry, working together with people is how we can quickly and flexibly adapt to change.

What innovative solutions can help manage unpredictability and boost flexibility in automotive logistics?

Collaboration is key for developing innovative solutions to address challenges in automotive logistics. In regions like the US and Mexico, reducing costs and using resources more efficiently are crucial due to frequent delays and bottlenecks in the supply chain.

We’re establishing collaborative partnerships between tier-one, tier-two suppliers and OEMs to tackle these issues. These partnerships involve sharing data and resources, coordinating logistics operations closely and aligning strategies to ensure that goods move more efficiently and cost-effectively through the supply chain.

This strategy improves the performance of round trips, backhauls and equipment re-use, supported by our analytics and predictive capabilities. As technology and automation continue to reshape supply chain operations, it’s vital to remember that their success depends on people making informed decisions and using technology effectively.

Why is lean manufacturing important for OEMs and how can automotive logistics providers support it?

Lean manufacturing is critical for OEMs as it streamlines production processes and enhances efficiency. Time-critical logistics providers like Ascent tailor solutions to each customer’s unique requirements by understanding their mindset and supplier base, allowing for proactive anticipation of needs. By collaborating closely with OEMs to understand their priorities, automotive logistics providers can forge long-term relationships, leading to streamlined operations and significant growth in the industry.

ISO and Lean Six Sigma programs are also pivotal for the success of lean manufacturing. These programs establish standardized processes, ensuring consistency and productivity throughout the manufacturing chain. ISO certification, such as ISO 9001, signifies adherence to quality management principles, which is crucial for meeting the high standards demanded by automotive manufacturers and OEMs. By implementing these programs, automotive companies can enhance quality, reduce costs and improve overall performance.

Ascent embodies a commitment to quality principles throughout its operations. Our meticulous approach includes regular audits at every stage, from internal KPIs to carrier evaluations, all meticulously documented. Our adherence to quality standards such as ISO 9001 showcases our ability to seamlessly integrate into manufacturing companies as their trusted logistics partner.

Navigating automotive supply chain challenges with Ascent

At Ascent, our expertise in automotive logistics shines through our advanced technology and our commitment to fostering collaborative relationships. By focusing on human-centric approaches alongside innovative logistics solutions, we empower OEMs to overcome disruptions and adapt to changing market demands seamlessly. For more information on how Ascent can optimize your automotive logistics, visit our solution page.


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