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How Freight Audit and Pay Improves Workforce Management


Each year, shippers spend hundreds, even thousands, of hours examining freight bills for accuracy. Thorough freight audit is necessary to prevent overcharging, but is the time that it takes internal resources to audit carrier bills the best use of time? By outsourcing freight audit and pay, many companies can improve their workforce management initiatives.

Wouldn’t you prefer that your employees spend time building relationships with customers, providing excellent customer experience and focusing on strategic initiatives? Have you ever asked yourself how much time employees spend auditing a freight bill or hassling with a carrier to correct a charge? Will payment delays due to auditing issues deteriorate relationships with your carriers and your credit score?

Average Invoice Errors

Studies indicate that the average carrier invoice error rate in the freight industry is 5% to 8%. If the review of carrier invoices and freight settlement is not appropriately managed, companies risk spending more on transportation due to carrier billing errors. You could be throwing away money when you ask time-constrained internal resources to manually audit freight bills.

Common Audit Challenges:

  • Difficult to obtain an accurate quote and contract information without audit software
  • The volume of invoices can be overwhelming
  • Paperwork compounds exponentially with the volume of shipments
  • The number of details on invoices and non-standardization of invoicing make it impossible to create repeatable processes
  • Obtaining proper backup documentation to support additional charges
  • Locating the appropriate person or department within a carrier’s organization to help with a dispute
  • Number of approvals cause paperwork to get lost

How Ascent Freight Audit and Pay Gives You Your Team Back

As your outsourced solution, we become an extension of your team. On average, we save clients 50 hours per week. Aside from managing all invoicing and general ledger coding, our team handles carrier disputes to complete resolution and provides cost avoidance reporting to help you make better business decisions. In addition to our audit services, we analyze your shipment data to present carrier optimization opportunities, helping uncover additional cost savings opportunities.

Benefits of Freight Audit and Pay:

  • Streamlined carrier dispute resolution
  • Increased internal productivity
  • Improved cost visibility
  • Real-time reporting
  • 99% audit accuracy
  • Reduced freight costs

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