How PEAK Order Management Supports Your Supply Chain

How PEAK Order Management Supports Your Supply Chain From Order Issue Through Final Delivery

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Has your global supply chain ever failed you? Have you ever been caught up trying to get the right product to the right place at the right time? Whether you’re developing new products, expanding into new markets or looking to heighten your current supply chain processes, there’s a common denominator that unites all of the above: purchase order (PO) management.

Order management, the proactive oversight of the purchase order lifecycle, focuses on pushing PO visibility and communications upstream for smoother execution downstream. Our PEAK Order Management solution dramatically improves the flow of goods from order issue through final delivery, ensuring happy customers and growth for your business. Here’s how we uncomplicate your supply chain.

What is PEAK Order Management?

Our PEAK Order Management solution allows for all communication surrounding POs to be completed through one application. With one source for information, complete transparency allows for one version of the truth. PEAK Order Management was built with efficiency in mind, minimizing rekeying by building on original order details. Additionally, issues are addressed in real-time as they occur, giving you complete visibility into your supply chain.

One of the most significant advantages of PEAK Order Management is its electronic communication features, allowing for digital creation and storage of documents as well as recorded communication via a chat box, thus eliminating the need for email communication and spreadsheets. But wait, it gets better – we all know that data is king. PEAK Order Management provides key performance indicators (KPIs) captured from electronic timestamps and provides milestone updates throughout the lifecycle of the order.

How Does PEAK Order Management Work?

PEAK Order Management supports your supply chain from order issue through final delivery. Starting with an upload of the PO file, PEAK Order Management captures everything on an easy-to-use dashboard, with all communication regarding the order recorded in the chat section. The supplier accesses the original PO, confirms the terms and creates the booking request once goods are prepared – all from the original PO, with additional transportation details added as the order moves through your supply chain.

Commercial documents are created from the PEAK Order Management solution using the data from the original PO and confirmed quantities from the shipment. Additionally, photos and documents can be uploaded so you can monitor the order from production to packing to final delivery. Reporting includes standard KPIs to quickly review carrier and supplier performance as well as Customs clearance information. These KPIs allow you to have complete visibility and control of your supply chain. Here’s how.

How Data Benefits Your Supply Chain

By having a complete understanding of your supplier’s performance, you can answer the most pressing questions related to order management. Are your suppliers booking on time? Are they sending complete orders? Where are their factories located? Additionally, PEAK Order Management allows full visibility to carrier transit times and volumes, allowing you to track your volume commitment and monitor on-time performance. These metrics are especially helpful at the time of contract negotiation.

With access to volumes, you can track container size, quantity and key trade lanes. Another key benefit is the ability to review customs entry statistics, including timely filings and payment breakdowns. The best part? If our standard reports mentioned above don’t meet your needs, a data extract function is available, so you can import and merge the most critical data. PEAK Order Management gives you the power to use your information, your way.

What Does Order Management Do For My Supply Chain?

As is the case with any technology-based solution, the point of implementation is to streamline an existing process and produce reliable results. PEAK Order Management accomplishes exactly that, starting with creating a stronger relationship with suppliers. By combining an organized, singular method of communication with visibility that creates one version of the truth, a more significant foundation of trust is formed.

Additionally, PEAK Order Management reduces the need for manual intervention by tracking communication about each PO in the application, which negates the need to hunt through email to find confirmation of changes or acceptance from the supplier. Our solution also allows you to set standard guidelines, which means that a supplier does not need to submit a request for email approval if the amount of product shipping falls within a pre-approved tolerance level.

Centralized Documentation and Backup

PEAK Order Management features centralized documentation and backup, allowing the solution to automatically create shipping documents, pulling data directly from the booking and shipment record. This enables the Customs entry to be completed accurately and increases the chance for pre-clearance before the goods arrive. Photos can be uploaded for each shipment to document the loading; if questions arise due to damage or shortage, photos of the process can lead to improvement.

Ethical supply chains are more important than ever, with many importers relying on supplier certifications to illustrate environmental and labor consciousness. Another benefit of the solution is the ability to store supplier certifications on the supplier profile page. A centralized repository for all documentation is a vital part of a compliant supply chain, and PEAK Order Management makes that possible.

Financial Efficiencies

With documents created in the PEAK Order Management solution using the information from the original order, combined with the actual shipping quantities and details, you can rest assured that your documents are always in sync with the shipment, in addition to being provided with a built-in audit. Our solution helps you to plan for unforeseen circumstances, such as when orders are canceled, when a consignee must cancel or figuring out what the exposure is when a factory must cancel.

PEAK Order Management allows you to zoom in on your suppliers to see the total value of orders by region and supplier as well as the value of what’s on the water. With decreased manual intervention and touchpoints, our solution results in a decreased cost of order creation. With all of these cutting-edge features, you have access to fact-based intel for better decision making, better sourcing and, ultimately, a more efficient supply chain.

Our cloud-based supply chain management solution paired with guidance from our team of logistics professionals helps organizations manage and automate processes with their global trading partners. Who says logistics has to be complicated? We certainly didn’t. Contact our team to learn more about PEAK Order Management.


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