How to Simplify Your Logistics Across Mexico

How to Simplify Your Logistics Across Mexico

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Is cross-border trade a pain point for your truckload business? With Mexico being one of the United States’ top three trade partners, it’s crucial to ensure that your business has a partner for facilitating logistics south of the border. Given the changes that will ensue with the impending enactment of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) on July 1, 2020, now is a more opportune time than ever to partner with a dedicated team of cross-border bilingual experts to uncomplicate your logistics across Mexico.

Here’s how partnering with a dedicated team can help simplify logistics across Mexico:

1. Eliminate Pain Points

Working with a trusted logistics partner ensures that your business’ best interests are always in mind. While barriers such as language or unfamiliarity with carriers in Mexico may add to the intricacies of cross-border shipments, having the support of a team of experts helps to eliminate common pain points.

2. Streamline Your Supply Chain

Cross-border trade can become a lengthy, complicated process due to border and carrier restrictions. By gaining access to a network of hundreds of vetted carriers, your truckloads across Mexico will be able to move swiftly. Additionally, the use of truckload bid technology reduces time spent on quotes, which allows quick shipment awards to carriers and provides simplified tracking and visibility into your shipments across Mexico.

3. Understand Trade Nuances Under USMCA

With the enactment of USMCA on July 1, 2020, will come nuances in the form of new rules, regulations and paperwork. By working with dedicated logistics experts that have vast experience in intra- and inter-Mexico trade, you can rest assured that all regulations will be carefully adhered to. Ensuring that bills of lading, trade documents and other paperwork are in order is crucial when preparing a cross-border shipment.

4. Bypass Carrier Restrictions

There are certain restrictions put on carriers from both countries when transporting cargo between the U.S. and Mexico. As it requires special permits for carriers to cross the border to deliver shipments, border-transfer carriers are often necessary to bridge the gap. Overall, these carrier restrictions can lead to a truckload shipment involving as many as three carriers.

By working with a logistics partner with teams located in both countries, border-transfer carriers can be limited or eliminated with the use of carriers who have access to travel within both the U.S. and Mexico. Additionally, working with one logistics partner alleviates the stress of finding carriers across multiple countries for a single shipment.

With the right partner and an extensive carrier network across the country, you can simplify your truckloads across Mexico. Who says logistics has to be complicated? We certainly didn’t. Contact our team to learn more.


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