Nearshoring in Mexico: Transforming Supply Chains

Nearshoring in Mexico: Transforming Supply Chains

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Nearshoring, an emerging trend revolutionizing supply chain dynamic, entails relocating operations to geographically proximate locations, exerting a significant impact on supply chain structures and operations.

The surge in Mexican exports is a clear example of the new reality that not only impacts Mexico and Latin America, but also global businesses. Learn more about how nearshoring is reshaping current supply chains, redefining the business landscape and the importance of strategic logistics partners in delivering innovative services to customers to facilitate seamless adaptation to evolving market dynamics.

Here are some of the benefits of nearshoring:

Geographic Proximity and Enhancing Efficiency: Speed to Delivery
The key factor behind nearshoring is the geographic proximity between suppliers, production facilities, and target markets. Moving business operations closer compared to offshore outsourcing allows for shorter delivery times, which is essential in a commercial environment where consumers expect prompt order fulfilments. Products can move more swiftly and efficiently, reducing transit time and enhancing customer satisfaction.
Risk Reduction and Enhanced Resilience
Restructuring supply chains through nearshoring also addresses the risks associated with supply chain disruption. Geographic proximity decreases vulnerability to unexpected events, such as the recent global pandemic or political disruptions. Companies can respond more effectively to unforeseen situations, mitigating issues to ensure a steady flow of products.
Collaboration and Customization

Nearshoring fosters closer collaboration among parties involved in the supply chain. Companies can establish stronger relationships with local suppliers and partners, facilitating more efficient product customization and less complicated logistics solutions. Enhanced communication and seamless coordination among parties contribute to greater efficiency and adaptability.
Cost Efficiency
While benefiting from nearshoring is not exclusively about reducing costs, it can generate significant efficiencies in this aspect. Reducing transportation costs and tariffs, along with the ability to access skilled labor at competitive prices, can have a positive impact on companies’ profitability.
Ascent Global Logistics: Local Growth, Global Impact
As companies seek agility, flexibility and resilience, Ascent is uniquely positioned to leverage its strategic presence and robust network in Mexico, offering time-critical logistics services to a wide variety of customers. With North American supply chains shifting from overseas imports to regional imports, Ascent can effectively manage shipments and provide comprehensive solutions for cross-border movements to and from Mexico.

Prioritizing local growth in Mexico, Ascent has witnessed impressive results with a notable increase in its workforce, particularly in Aguascalientes. This growth can be attributed to the company’s expansion strategy, which has allowed Ascent to establish itself as a prominent player for over 13 years locally and contribute to the economic growth of the area.

With a strategy to be geographically closer to its existing customers, as well as to develop more local partnerships, Ascent aims to capture more opportunities with medium to large-sized companies and strengthen its position in the market. This expansion strategy strengthens Ascent’s ability to serve customers in Mexico, providing a wide range of logistics and supply chain solutions while contributing to the growth and development of the local community.

Beyond the mobility sector, Ascent targets growth opportunities in aerospace, manufacturing, life-science and high-tech sectors in Mexico. Ascent also plans to strengthen its offerings and infrastructure in South America to better support an increase in capacity.

Interested in how Ascent can assist you with nearshoring? Learn more about our Mexico shipping


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