Tired Of Delayed Shipments? Ascent Offers Options To Reduce Delays

Tired Of Delayed Shipments? Ascent Offers Options To Reduce Delays

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If you have been in logistics for any period of time, you know that late shipments can be a very common occurrence. In fact, 10 percent of small business owners reported that more than 75 percent of their shipments arrived late. With delays that high, customer satisfaction could easily decline.

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Is There A Way To Manage Information To Minimize Shipping Delays?

If you are using Excel, it is very difficult to keep track of all shipment details without spending a significant amount of time and resources. In our blog post called Why Switch from Excel to a Robust Supply Chain Technology, we mentioned that business owners who spend more than 2 hours managing each shipment could be spending an estimated $100 of labor.

Fortunately, there is a way to manage shipments in a single location to reduce the time and money it takes to track shipments! How you ask?

  1. With better visibility to inventory
  2. Consolidation at origin
  3. Inventory lead time reduction
  4. Creating eDocuments
  5. Creating eBookings

How Can I Do All That?

Within the power of PEAK, an intuitive technology designed to help take your shipments beyond logistics, you can see all the orders scheduled to ship in the next 30 days. This gives you greater visibility and control over your supply chain, all while streamlining the order management process in a single location.


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